Service and Education

At Canon Medical, we’re committed to helping you maximize your system’s potential with the highest quality parts, servicing and training programs – all while keeping our impact on the environment to a minimum.

Our refurbishment process

Here’s how we make sure every pre-owned system meets our stringent standards of quality and excellence:

SelectionWe only ever restore and refurbish equipment that’s been well maintained and has a consistently documented service history.
CollectionUpon receipt, we disassemble used equipment and transport it to our 3R Center where we clean and sterilize it with ozone gas.
RestorationWe repaint the housing, replace its mattress, confirm rating and warning plates, and remove all personal information from the equipment.
InspectionThis includes a safety inspection, confirmation of voltage, an operation test, image quality confirmation, and a comprehensive assessment.
InstallationWe then package, transport and install refurbished equipment with the same attention to detail that goes into installing our new systems.
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