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March 2, 2016

Release of Toshiba 1.5T MRI System, Vantage Titan / cS Edition To improve the quality and efficiency of daily examinations and to meet newly evolving clinical requirements


Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation (President: Toshio Takiguchi; Headquarters: Otawara, Tochigi, Japan) has launched global sales of the Toshiba 1.5-tesla MRI system Vantage Titan™ / cS Edition. Cardiac imaging with MRI is one of the most challenging examinations. The cS Edition achieves significant improvements in the efficiency of cardiac examinations, while acquiring high-resolution images during daily clinical practice with the use of the latest intelligent solutions. This system meets a diverse clinical requirement while expanding the range of day-to-day examinations.

Development background

The Vantage Titan system has been developed with the concept to perform advanced examinations while improving patient comfort with user-friendly technologies. Toshiba’s Vantage Titan maintains robust image quality even with the wide-bore concept. The system has been recognized worldwide as a wide-bore MRI system that permits a high image quality in wide scan range. The cS Edition is equipped with a number of cutting-edge technologies for more advanced and efficient examinations. Toshiba is proud to offer the Complete Clinical Solution (cS) to Enhance your daily clinical demands.

Features of the new product

1. High-resolution images through enhanced flexibility In the cS Edition, we have expanded clinical applications with a "New Sequence Design Environment" which enables flexible parameter change with a diverse pulse control, achieves further image quality enhancement. For example, in Flow Sensitive Black Blood (FSBB) sequence, an independent MPG-pulse can control the strength on the phase, frequency, and slice direction. In addition, it is now possible to perform weighted processing on phase images while displaying the original phase image. As a result, finer details of narrowing blood vessels and variations in susceptibility can be easily determined. Now the system supports Multi b-value diffusion with the cS Edition while implementing automatic calculation of isotropic images for each b-value. Beyond offering the freedom to choose different b-values, the operator can utilize the Multi b-values for cDWI based upon the clinical region of interest. When utilizing FFE3D sequence, flexibility is increased by linking multiple parameters such as bandwidths, sampling rates, resolution, and image cross-section. The sequence increases the SNR and T1 contrast to improve diagnostic quality.


FSBB depicts microvascular bleeds

2. A system with next-generation assisted positioning to make difficult scans routine Today's MRI must meet growing demands for more daily examinations and a wider range of adaptive body regions scanned. It is very important to be able to perform highly-reproducible scans in a short period of time without being overly dependent on operator skill or experience. The cS Edition incorporates EasyTech, advanced scanning plane positioning assistance functions: NeuroLine+ where OM and AC-PC cross-sections have been added to NeuroLine, as well as the SpineLine for spinal positioning. These features reduce operator workload and save time in complex positioning tasks.


NeruoLine+ depicts OM and AC-PC line

The leading cause of sudden death has been linked to heart disease. Cardiac MR(CMR) is anticipated to be used for general medical screening in hope to prevent sudden death. However, currently there are two limitations for CMR resulting in remaining unfamiliar with daily examinations. CMR requires a higher skill set and knowledge-base to examine a complex anatomical region. Furthermore, a variety of specific sequences need to be performed with specific views of the heart thus extending examination time. The cS Edition is incorporated with EasyTech Cardiac which consists of CardioLine+ and SUREVOI™. In addition to set six basic cardiac planes, further eight-planes setting become available with CardioLine+: right ventricle, valves and outflow tract as defined by the protocol of the Society for Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance (SCMR). Conventionally, patients were asked to hold their breath multiple times to acquire images along the target planes. It is now possible to acquire 14 cross-sections with a single breath hold. This reduces exam time and alleviates excessive breath hold times and stress on the patient.
The system is also equipped with SUREVOI Cardiac to provide a higher level of convenience in whole CMR examinations. SUREVOI Cardiac determines the position of the heart by using anatomy recognition technology. By assisting in the various scanning alignments, from the patient table position settings to the MRCA diaphragm gating probe settings, our EasyTech Cardiac technology reduces the operating time that typically represents 43% of CMR examination time down to 9%.
With the goal of making CMR examinations more readily available, the cS Edition makes complex cardiac examinations now routine.


CardioLine+ depicts 14 SCMR cardiac views

3. Providing new advanced solutions for customers' clinical requirements
Customers’ clinical requirements become more diverse and more advanced from day to day. The cS Edition is newly equipped with many clinical applications designed to meet these advanced requirements. One of these clinical features is UTE (Ultrashort TE), which promises to eliminate radiation exposure in lung field MRI examinations. UTE enables visualization of regions that had been difficult to depict with conventional MRI systems by imaging tissues with extremely short T2* values. UTE has already been praised at many of our Vantage Titan 3T sites, with customers saying, "This technology expands the scope of MRI clinical applications within various body regions."
State-of-the-art post-processing clinical applications can be achieved through the Vitrea™ and in collaboration with Olea Medical™ SA (acquired by Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation in October 2015), such as IVIM analysis to visualize intracellular perfusion in DWI. Additionally, Wall Motion Tracking to evaluate myocardium strain from Cine imaging in support of a diversity of clinical requirements.


UTE of the Chest region

The Vantage Titan wide bore system provides a Comfortable and User-friendly environment. Utilizing the cS Edition facilitates a Complete Clinical Solution to improve the quality and efficiency of daily examinations and to meet newly evolving/diverse clinical requirements.

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The Vantage Titan / cS Edition is pending 510(k) clearance, and is not yet commercially available in the United States.
Some products and features described here are optional and not commercially available in all countries. We cannot guarantee that the system and all of options are available in all area due to regional restrictions. Please contact your local Toshiba sales representatives for the most current information.

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