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April 16, 2007

TOSHIBA introduces Activion™ 16 Multislice CT System New "Ready-Set-Go"system brings easy operation and high-quality images within every user's reach.

Tokyo, Japan, April 16, 2007 - Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation launched Activion16 Multislice CT system at the Japan Radiology Congress in Yokohama . The worldwide launch of this new addition to Toshiba's well-respected Multislice CT family makes scanning easier than ever before, further increases patient throughput and add diagnostic value while safeguarding an attractive life cycle cost.

"Ready-Set-Go" redefines "Easy Operation"

The Activion16 offers fast advanced acquisitions through easy operation by just three steps: Ready (select the scan region) - Set (perform scan planning) -Go (start scanning). The user is guided through each step of the scan planning even further simplifying the process. The systems' design maximizes both operator and patient comfort, allowing the operator to focus on the examination and the patient rather than on the system. Ideal when procedures are not often done. Even experienced staff will find Activion16 the user-friendliest system.

"Activion16; High Quality Images ensured"

Because of the incorporated 0.5 mm Quantum detector - used in all Toshiba 4- to 64-slice CT systems - with 350-micron isotropic spatial resolution and the industry's best low-contrast resolution of 2 mm @ 0.3%, the system ensures outstanding image quality in every examination at lowest X-ray dose. Extremely low-dose scanning in combination with a fast scan protocol and Quantum De-noising software, enables an entire lung of 30 cm to be examined in just 10 seconds resulting in crystal clear, highest resolution images, further expanding diagnostic capabilities. This low-mAs scanning is a great benefit to patients, specifically children*1

Furthermore, Toshiba's newly developed user-friendly 3D volume rendering software ensures that 3D image generation are performed with great ease. Whereas self-evident 3D preset icons ensure easy operation and quick results, the optional Vessel View package offers additional functionality by generating curved multi planar reconstructions used for CTA diagnoses.

An effective way to remove bone structures is SURE Subtraction™ . The newly developed subtraction algorithm, ensures high-quality subtraction images . This option enables the user to distinguish calcifications from contrast medium in a more effective way, dramatically increasing the diagnostic value of the examination.

*1 This technology is described in a report on "Low-dose imaging of the infant inner ear for which Toshiba received a Cum Laude award.

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