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April 25, 2007

New company directly controlled by Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation launches medical equipment sales and services in China

Medical Equipment Business in China Strengthened

Tokyo, April 25, 2007 - Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation (TMSC), a group company of Toshiba Corporation, today announced that it has established a new company in China named Toshiba Medical Systems (China) Co., Ltd., to handle medical diagnostic imaging systems sales and services in Chinese market.
The company began operation in April. TMSC will develop its Chinese medical care and healthcare business through sales and services of medical diagnostic imaging systems.

Until now, TMSC has conducted medical diagnostic imaging systems business in China though local distributors. In order to further strengthen Toshiba's profile and rapidly expand its business in the growing Chinese market, TMSC has established a subsidiary company, Toshiba Medical Systems (China) Co., Ltd., which began operation in April.

Establishment of the company makes it possible to carry out all business processes in the Chinese market, such as development, production, sales, and service, and enhance the service network to supply our products to a range of customers.

In addition, the network will provide valuable customer feedback which can be utilized for promoting process innovations in each stage of business, such as development, production, sales, service, and marketing activities, allowing the development of a framework enabling rapid launch of high-value-added systems that will satisfy the needs of the Chinese market.

Background to the establishment of the new company

TMSC started development and production of medical equipment in Dalian, China in 2002 for the purpose of reinforcing its competitiveness and improving production efficiency.With the aim of expanding its global business, TMSC also established software development bases in China and the other Asian countries.In China, high economic growth has led to improvements in the social infrastructure. In order to respond to market demand, a directly controlled company was established by TMSC to further expand sales and service in China.Toshiba Medical Systems (China) Co., Ltd. will work to continuously introduce cutting-edge systems with high clinical value in the Chinese market.

Corporate profile of the new company

1) Company name : Toshiba Medical Systems (China) Co., Ltd.
2) Founding Date : March 28, 2007(date of approval for sales operating permission)
3) Headquarters : Beijing, China
4) Number of offices : 9
5) Scope of business : Sales and service of medical equipment
6) Chairman of the board : Masamichi Katsurada
7) President : Shin Matsuoka
8) Number of employees : 390
9) Web site:

Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation is the world-leading manufacturer in the medical diagnostic imaging system and has the No. 1 market share in Japan . It provides advanced medical diagnostic imaging systems to over 120 countries around the world.

Headquarters : 1385, Shimoishigami, Otawara-shi, Tochigi, Japan
Scope of business: Development, production, marketing,sales,and service of medical diagnostic imaging systems and information systems.
Sales : 370 billion yen (consolidated sales as of the end of March 2007)
Number of employees: 7,000 (consolidated as of the end of March 2007)
President : Masamichi Katsurada.

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