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August 20, 2012

Toshiba achieves its goal of incorporating low-dose technology in its full range of CT systems -Reducing dose by as much as 75%-

Otawara, Tochigi, Japan, August 20, 2012 - Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation has announced that it has achieved its goal of incorporating AIDR 3D low-dose technology in all CT systems throughout its product line-up. As a result, all Toshiba CT systems supplied in the future will support advanced low-dose scanning.


With the release of New Aquilion™ LB* in July 2012, we have now incorporated AIDR 3D in all multislice CT systems throughout our product line-up, including 4-, 16-, 64-, 80-, and 320-row CT systems as well as our large-bore CT system with a bore diameter of 900 mm.

AIDR 3D, which was introduced in October 2011, is the latest evolution of Toshiba's unique iterative reconstruction technology. Even though image noise is reduced by 50% and dose is reduced by as much as 75%, the reconstruction time remains unchanged, ensuring that throughput is maintained in daily routine CT scanning.

There has recently been greater recognition of the need to minimize dose in CT scanning, and we have therefore decided to include AIDR 3D as a standard feature in all of our CT products. Toshiba is committed to the idea that all CT scans should be low-dose scans, whether scanning is performed using a basic 4-row CT system or a premium 320-row CT system.

AIDR 3D has gained widespread acceptance at medical institutions in all parts of the world, and its performance capabilities have been highly evaluated. Our goal is to reduce dose in routine daily scanning while also expanding into new diagnostic realms made possible only by our Aquilion ONE™ system, such as scanning of the heart in one rotation, dynamic imaging, and instantaneous pediatric scanning, all performed at the lowest possible dose.

Toshiba's CT product line-up, with AIDR 3D included in the standard configuration

  • Aquilion ONE
  • Aquilion PRIME
  • Aquilion / CXL Edition
  • Aquilion / RXL Edition
  • Alexion™ / Advance Edition
  • Alexion
  • Alexion / Access Edition
  • Aquilion LB

*We have upgraded the software in our 16-row CT system that features the world's largest bore diameter of 900 mm and an imaging field measuring 850 mm in diameter. Large-bore CT is of great clinical value for examining severely injured patients, performing emergency scans, and conducting CT-guided interventional procedures.

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