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November 16, 2015

Signing an OEM Agreement with British Company OptiGene

Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation (headquarters: Otawara, Tochigi; president: Toshio Takiguchi) has signed an OEM agreement with British company OptiGene Limited (“OptiGene”; headquarters: Unit 5, Blatchford Road, Horsham, West Sussex RH13 5QR, United Kingdom; president: Michael Andreou) for its gene fluorescent detector that employs isothermal amplification (“Detector”) . This agreement allows us to market the Detector with our own brand both in Japan and other countries.

A light and small device, the Detector employs isothermal amplification, allowing for quick gene amplification and fluorescence detection. At the request of the government of the Republic of Guinea in West Africa, in April and July this year, the Japanese government sent the device, in its emergency assistance for the response to the Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) along with the reagents, as part of the EVD quick test kit that had been co-developed by Nagasaki University and Toshiba Corporation.

Through the absorption-type split scheduled for December 2015(Note 1), we will acquire Toshiba’s DNA test system business responsible for commercializing Genelyzer™ II, a DNA test device equipped with a unique and current-sensing DNA chip that allows for the multi-item and batch testing of genes. The acquisition of this business, the strength of the Detector in quick molecular testing, and the reagents and enzymes provided by OptiGene will boost our lineup of molecular test solutions as we expand and accelerate the in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) business.

About OptiGene

OptiGene was established in 2008 as a company that specializes in providing molecular test solutions. Excelling in its capacity for product development and technology for enzyme production, OptiGene employs small and quick isothermal amplification in developing gene fluorescent detectors and researching/developing reagents and enzymes. The headquarters of OptiGene is located in Horsham, U.K. For details, see OptiGene’s website at

Note 1 : Signing of an agreement on the absorption-type split concerning DNA test system business

*Because this is a non-pharmaceutical product, it cannot be sold or given for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. It is intended for use in experiments and evaluations for research and verification.

About Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation

Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation is a leading worldwide provider of medical diagnostic imaging systems and comprehensive medical solutions, such as CT, X-ray and vascular, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, and MRI systems, as well as information systems for medical institutions. Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation has been providing medical products for over 80 years. Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Toshiba. Visit Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation's web site at

About Toshiba

Toshiba Corporation, a Fortune Global 500 company, channels world-class capabilities in advanced electronic and electrical product and systems into five strategic business domains: Energy & Infrastructure, Community Solutions, Healthcare Systems & Services, Electronic Devices & Components, and Lifestyles Products & Services. Guided by the principles of The Basic Commitment of the Toshiba Group, “Committed to People, Committed to the Future”, Toshiba promotes global operations and is contributing to the realization of a world where generations to come can live better lives.

Founded in Tokyo in 1875, today’s Toshiba is at the heart of a global network of over 580 consolidated companies employing 199,000 people worldwide, with annual sales surpassing 6.6 trillion yen (US$55 billion).
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