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March 30, 2015

Release of Toshiba 1.5-T MRI System Vantage Titan™ With Latest Version of M-Power™ V3.1

Otawara, Japan, March 30, 2015 - Toshiba Medical Systems Corporation (President: Toshio Takiguchi; Headquarters: Otawara, Tochigi, Japan) has launched global sales of the Toshiba 1.5-tesla MRI system Vantage Titan™ with the latest version of the M-Power™ platform V3.1. M-Power V3.1 facilitates increased examination throughput and flexibility, leading to an even more comfortable examination environment. It also provides enhanced cybersecurity and alert functions for safe and reliable examinations. Vantage Titan with M-Power V3.1 thus greatly advances the concept of "People-Friendly MRI".

Development background

Vantage Titan has overcome two inherent disadvantages of MRI systems: confined examination space and loud noise. By achieving a large aperture and noise reduction without compromising image quality, this system provides patients with a friendly examination environment and has captured the top share in the Japanese market for 1.5-T large-bore MRI systems*1.
With M-Power V3.1, Vantage Titan now incorporates advanced applications from 3-T systems to provide a more patient friendly environment, improved workflow and enhanced security features.

Main features


Atlas SPEEDER Head/Neck



Reliable examinations in a shorter time
 In M-Power V3.1, SpineLine for spinal examinations is added to the EasyTech lineup designed to assist in scan slice setting by analyzing the shape of the target anatomy. SpineLine provides a comfortable workflow by reducing the time required for slice setting in spinal examinations.
  The new Atlas SPEEDER™ Head/Neck incorporates a tilt mechanism that helps imaging of elderly patients and patients with spinal cord injuries, in the past making MRI examination difficult to perform. This feature allows such patients to be positioned in a shorter time and permits them to be examined in a more comfortable position. In addition, the compact and comfortable Breast SPEEDER CX is now available. This coil is lightweight and easy to carry, facilitating coil replacement. It is designed so the patient's weight is supported over a wide surface area, allowing the patient to be examined with greatly reduced discomfort.

Comfortable examination environment with increased flexibility
 In M-Power V3.1, the flexibility of sequence editing has been increased to make full use of the system capabilities. Flexible parameter setting enables comfortable examinations while maintaining high image quality.
 The newly implemented diffusion-weighted imaging application Computed DWI (cDWI) generates a high b value image through calculation using the acquired images, improving diagnostic capabilities without extending the scan time. Other advanced applications that improve examination throughput while improving diagnostic capabilities are also supported. For example, Water Fat Separation (WFS) generates four types of images (water, fat, in-phase, and out-of-phase) in a single scan, and Double Inversion Recovery (DIR) improves the contrast between white matter and gray matter by setting two different TI values.


Safe and reliable examinations with enhanced security
 The security of medical equipment is now an extremely important issue. Conventional security software programs require regular updating of data in order to provide protection against unknown viruses. M-Power V3.1 employs Windows® 7 and whitelist-based security software that permits only software programs registered in the whitelist to be executed. Thus the system is protected from unknown viruses and other malicious software, system downtime is reduced, contribution to the spread of infections via networks is averted, and leakage of patient information is prevented*2. This system is the world's first MRI system to comply with the network security guidelines by the United States Department of Defense, and has received Approval To Operate (ATO) from the United States Air Force*3.
 Department of Defense, and has received Approval To Operate (ATO) from the United States Air Force*3. In addition, alert functions for system abnormalities have been strengthened, and a quick reset function for the hardware has been added. These functions, together with the conventional remote maintenance function and various other features, help minimize the system down time.

Environmental considerations
 M-Power V3.1 provides an energy saving ECO mode that is automatically applied by simply lowering the patient table. Stability of operation is maintained when entering or exiting this mode. In addition, zero helium boil-off has been accomplished. This eliminates the necessity of periodic helium refilling and as a result increases the system uptime, enhances environmental performance, and reduces helium costs.

*1:Based on our data for fiscal year 2013.

*2:In the blacklist method generally used at homes and offices, data is required for detecting and eliminating viruses. This data needs to be updated regularly, and periodic scanning of the system is required. These processes apply additional load to the system, affecting system performance. In addition, if updating of the data is neglected, this method does not provide protection for the latest vulnerability issues. On the other hand, in the whitelist method that we have employed, only the programs required for MRI operations (which are registered in the security software) can be executed. Thus updating of virus-related data is not required, and stable operation of the MRI system can be ensured.

*3:It is necessary to set "Advanced Security Setting" to ON.

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